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Places, Everyone!
Affaire de Coeur
How Setting Can Affect Characters and Readers

When I'm dreaming up a novel -- especially an historical one -- the place where my characters will live and interact is almost a character within itself. I have used real places and places I've invented. Either way, research and attention to detail is involved.

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Read Deborah's Interview with the Tulsa World
Portrait of Deborah Camp

Her heroes are misunderstood and flawed.

Her heroines are sassy, independent thinkers but with some insecurities.

"They're a lot like me, except a lot prettier, and they don't have as sharp a tongue as I do," said Deborah Camp, Debby to her friends, a successful Tulsa writer with more than 35 novels to her credit.

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Read Deborah's Interview with Affaire de Coeur
Affaire de Coeur logo

"I do most of my fiction writing in the evenings and on weekends. I keep a notebook nearby to jot down character names, descriptions, ideas for upcoming scenes, dialogue, etc. Normally, I set a 10 page goal for myself every day I write on my novel. I don't stop until I reach the goal."

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All Deborah's books are now available for Kindle readers! You can see them all on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

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